​​Include, but are not limited to winding re-design, welding, balancing, brakes, transformers, and diagnostic services for commercial and industrial applications.

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Gearboxes &

Electrical reconditioning and rewinding of industrial and commercial generators.

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Motor Repair

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Complete pump repair services from simple bearing and impeller replacement to re-manufacturing of shafts and suction plates.

Speed Reducers


Our technicians dismantle, clean, check every component and test your AC/DC and Servo motors ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

We offer complete repair services from simple gear replacement to extensive machining and repairs on large and complex units.  We are able to repair and recondition all types of gearboxes.

Additional Services


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We also specialize in providing maintenance on electric motors and motor accessories such as drives, capacitors, brushes, pulleys, and belts.

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2104 Cypress Street, Port Huron, MI 48060, USA

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